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Self-hosted server releases lag several days behind cloud server releases. Please note that the System Administrator Portal may report an available update before it is available for self-hosted servers.

Additionally, please review Bitwarden software release support documentation.

It is critically important to keep your self-hosted Bitwarden instance up to date. Updates may include fixes that are important for the security of your Bitwarden instance, including patches to any vulnerabilities. Data stored in your Bitwarden vault, including passwords, should be considered critical data and therefore protected with up-to-date software.

Additionally, newer versions of client applications may not support older versions of your self-hosted instance.


We highly recommend backing up your data before updating your self-hosted instance. For more information, see Backup your Hosted Data.

If you're running a standard installation, update your Bitwarden instance using the same Bash (Linux or macOS) or Powershell (Windows) script ( used to install Bitwarden. Run the following sequence of commands:


./ updateself ./ update


.\bitwarden.ps1 -updateself .\bitwarden.ps1 -update

If you're running a manually-installed or an offline Linux or offline Windows installation, follow the procedures in the linked articles.

Your Bitwarden installation should now be fully up to date and running.


We recommend creating a cronjob or scheduled task to run these update commands weekly, or even nightly, to keep your instance up to date. For example, the following cron job would check for an update every Sunday at 2:00 and turn off email output for the job:

0 2 * * 0 /opt/bitwarden/bwdata/scripts/ >/dev/null 2>&1

In the above example, is a script you must save manually that contains:

#!/bin/bash ./ updateself ./ update

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